Detailed analysis of ESG-related risk factors is incorporated into our investment process. This comprises company specific ESG Stock Review Reports which seek to identify and record relevant risks, as well as the monitoring of third-party ESG stock ratings to identify diverging views and provide breadth to the research we conduct internally. We have an ESG assessment framework and escalation criteria to guide the assignment of an internal ESG score and the assessment of the stocks’ risk and rewards.

We are proud to be a signatory of the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI). The PRI is fast becoming a global standard for investment managers ESG alignment.

We are also proud to be a carbon neutral firm. We engage Carbon Footprint Ltd to calculate and assess Rye Bay Capital’s own carbon footprint. Carbon Footprint Ltd make recommendations of ways we can reduce carbon emissions to zero over time, and in the shorter term, identify carbon offset projects that we can support to neutralise our carbon footprint. Rye Bay Capital offsets its carbon emissions and is committed to neutralising our carbon footprint on a going-forward basis.

‍We formally consider ESG risks in our investment decision making process and review our own business culture and operation to ensure best practice in environment, social and governance initiatives.